The Chinese Chippendale Bedroom at Saltram, Devon
The Chinese Bedroom, Saltram, hung with a landscape wallpaper painted on silk. ©National Trust Images/Andreas von Einsiedel

Thursday 7 April, Coutts & Co., 440 Strand, London WC2R 0QS

09:00–09:30    Registration and coffee

09:30–09:40    Welcome by GRANT PARKINSON, Chief Operating Officer, Coutts UK

09:40–09:50    Introduction by PROFESSOR MARGOT FINN, Chair in Modern British History, University College London

09:50–10:10    EMILE DE BRUIJN, ‘Chinese Wallpaper: a Global Product’

10:10–10:30    ANNA WU, ‘The Chinese Wallpapers at Coutts & Co., London: Mobilising Images of Chinese Life and Industry’

10:30–10:50    DR PATRICK CONNER, ‘Chinese Wallpaper and Cantonese Export Painting: the Strathallan “Drummond” Wallpaper (Peabody Essex Museum)’

10:50–11:05    Questions and discussion

11:05–11:25    Coffee

11:25–11:45    DR ANITA/XIAOMING WANG, ‘Chinese Woodblock New Year Prints and Paintings Used as Wallpaper in Europe in the Eighteenth Century’

11:45–12:05    DR MAX TILLMANN, ‘Chinese Wallpapers and Sensual Exoticism at the Badenburg, Munich’

12:05–12:25    BEATE MURR, ‘Chinese Wallpapers in the MAK Collection, Vienna’

12:24–12:40    Questions and discussion

12:40–13:30    Lunch

13:30–13:50    MING WILSON, ‘Chinese Paper as Commodity’

13:50–14:10    DAVID SKINNER, ‘Using and Marketing “Indian Pictures” in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Dublin’

14:10–14:30    DR CLARE TAYLOR, ‘”A Large Assortment of Curious India Paper”: the Eighteenth-Century English Market for Chinese Wallpaper’

14:30–14:45    Questions and discussion

14:45–15:05    Tea

15:05–15:25    DR SARAH CHEANG, ‘Red, Black and Gold, and as Glossy as Possible: Modernism, Orientalism, Fashion and Wallpaper’

15:25–15:45    LIZZIE DESHAYES, ‘Chinoiserie and the Modern Aesthetic’

15:45–16:05    DOMINIC EVANS-FREKE, ‘Contemporary Chinese Wallpaper Manufacture: to what Extent Have Modern Materials and Processes Changed the Time-Honoured Methods of Making Wallpapers in China for the Export Trade?’

16:05-16:25    Questions and discussion


Friday 8 April, Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL (Learning Centre, Seminar Room 3)

10:00–10:25    Registration and coffee

10:25–10:30    Welcome by ANNA JACKSON, Keeper, Asian Department, Victoria and Albert Museum

10:30–10:50    ANDREW BUSH, ‘Early Full-Height Block-Printed Chinese Wallpapers in the United Kingdom’

10:50–11:10    THOMAS BRAIN, ‘Observations made during the Conservation Treatment of Chinese Landscape Wallpaper at Oud Amelisweerd’

11:10–11:30    T.K. MCCLINTOCK, ‘Chinese Export Wallcoverings: their Conservation as Western and Asian Works’

11:30–11:45    Questions and discussion

11:45–12:05    Coffee

12:05–12:25    ALLYSON MCDERMOTT, ‘Conservation in Context: the Care and Conservation of Chinese Wallpaper in the Historic House’

12:25–12:45    PAULINE WEBBER, ‘The Conservation and restoration of Chinese Wallpapers: an Overview’

12:45–13:10    Questions and discussion, conclusions, and explanation of the viewing sessions of Chinese wallpapers after lunch

13:10–13:50    Lunch

13:50                  Assembly and division into groups at Seminar Room 3

14:00–14:40    SESSION 1

14:40–14:50    Change-over

14:50–15:30    SESSION 2

15:30–15:40    Change-over

15:40–16:20    SESSION 3

16:20–16:30    Change-over

16:30–17:10    SESSION 4

17:15–             Drinks, V&A Café


Saturday 9 April, Royal Pavilion, 4/5 Pavilion Buildings, Brighton BN1 1EE

 Optional excursion, travel under own steam, meeting at Royal Pavilion entrance at 11.30, where you will be met by curator Dr Alexandra Loske and paper conservator Amy Junker-Heslip.


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