Additional links and further information

Dear participants and other readers interested in Chinese wallpaper,

on this page we will collate any links and further information related to what was discussed and shown during the conference. Feel free to contact us if you would like to add to this page.

A Brighton Museums blog post by Alexandra Loske, with some photographs of the blue-ground wallpaper unrolled at the V&A conservation studios after restoration and some impressions of the third day at the Royal Pavilion: The Global Appeal of Historic Chinese Wallpaper


Emile de Bruijn has written a short summary of the conference on his National Trust ‘Treasure Hunt’ blog, which focuses largely on my chinoiserie and Chinese wallpaper research. Here are a just a few blog posts that may be of interest. Please browse the blog for more:


From Yu-Ping Luk, Curator, East Asia Collections, V&A:

Some participants at the conference were interested about the online links to the objects that we saw in the viewing session:

The following doesn’t have an image yet, but the second link has an image from the same group: